Whether you're looking to impress valuable clients, ease the holiday gifting process, or just brighten someone's day - a gift box from Très Sucré is sure to do the trick.

Each box is filled with 8 custom made confections. Each treat as beautiful as it is delectable. Boxes are adorned with ribbon or twine and ready to be gifted. Your business cards can be added to the packaging to ensure your company branding. You will select 4 different confections from our menu and the box will contain 2 of each.

There is a minimum order of 12 boxes. Order at least 1 week in advanced. $12 per box (price may vary depending on selected sweets)

Also available to order: sugar cookie decorating kits. Each kit includes 2 dozen soft sour cream sugar cookies, a tub of freshly whipped buttercream, and assorted sprinkles/embellishments. $30/each. Order 1 week in advance.